The Sabo Team

SABO Industrial Corporation solves wastewater problems.

Located in Orange County, New York, SABO Industrial Corporation has been in the wastewater treatment industry since 1992.  Our president Sal Boutureira believes in creating treatment solutions that are done well and done right.  Our analyzation process is often completed right here in our Newburgh New York office.  Every place, every waste stream is unique and we are passionate about finding the best solution for each problem.

Once the analysis is complete and the problem solved, treatment systems and procedures are customized to meet the needs of each customer.  SABO Industrial has introduced wastewater treatment solutions to companies throughout the United States and Europe.  This translates into millions of gallons of wastewater that are now within compliance for discharge or reuse.

A Message from Sal Boutureira

President of SABO Industrial, Sal Boutureira, describes SABO’s solutions to wastewater issues.

Exceeding Expectations

SABO Industrial produces results that not only meet EPA standards, we often exceed them. Being environmentally friendly is what we do every day and we strive to demonstrate to our clients that wastewater treatment is not only required by government regulations, but is a conscientious response to the ever-increasing environmental issues we face.  SABO Industrial offers you an affordable, comprehensive solution that will make your company environmentally compliant.

SABO Products
Not only does SABO Industrial Corporation engineer wastewater treatment solutions and manufacture wastewater treatment equipment, we also produce exceptionally designed bag filters and are the largest stocking distributor of Cleartreat® separating agents on the Eastern seaboard. Our products are found throughout the United States and Europe

Industries SABO serves:

  • flexographic printing
  • plating
  • industrial battery wash water
  • railroad transit systems
  • aircraft maintenance
  • circuit board manufacturing
  • wineries
  • marina boat wash
  • corrugated box manufacturing
  • packaging

Accomplishments & Accolades
We are proud of our accomplishments, receiving the Averell Harriman Award for New to International Business and the Green Business of the Year award from the Orange County Chamber of Commerce but the real reward is kind words from our satisfied customers.  To find out more about what our clients say about SABO Industrial, please visit our Testimonial Page.

We’re very proud of this article in The Council of Industry’s Spring 2016 Magazine.  If you want to learn more about  SABO Industrial, click HERE to read their Leadership Profile on our very own Sal Boutureira.

Speaks volumes to integrity and ability

Sabo Industrial has been a great asset here at President Container Group in regards to our wastewater treatment facility as well as other chemistry needs here at our organization. The effort Sal has provided has not only improved our efficiencies but also lead our organization down a path of reducing our chemical treatment needs which funny enough reduced our purchases from Sabo. That speaks volumes to integrity and ability – thank you for all you have done.

Rich Goldberg
Vice President of Operations / President Container Group

Entrepreneurial passion

Sabo Industrial is all about solving your wastewater problem - no matter how complicated they may be.  If fact – for Sal the more complicated the problem – the greater the challenge and the more rewarding the project is to him. He brings entrepreneurial passion to every project. He knows that when SABO is able to customize and build a waste water treatment system that is more efficient and more effective everyone involved wins.

Harold King
Executive Vice President / Council of Industry

Would Highly Recommend

SABO lndustrial has been servicing our manufacturing facility at 48 Leone Lane, Chester, NY for the last 6 years. During this time, Sal Boutureira has worked diligently with our production personnel to train them in best practices for maintaining our wastewater treatment system. The facility has been meeting all of the required discharge parameters as set forth by the Orange County, Division of Environmental Facilities & Services in our Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit. This is established through quarterly sampling and reporting; done by SABO Industrial. I would highly recommend SABO Industrial as a provider of wastewater treatment services.

Rodney G. Lawrence
BYK Additives & Instruments, USA

Highest Quality Support

With SABO Industrial’s help we have been able to reduce the number of chemicals used to keep our waste compliant. We have been able to reduce cycle times, SABO provides the highest quality support and excellent delivery times.

Michael Argenio
Pre-print/Materials Manager / Ampac

Can't Be Beat

Over the years, we have purchased several individual wastewater batch systems from SABO Industrial. SABO has excellent technology backed by exceptional technical support. From discussing our needs to installation and with on-going support, when I call SABO, I always get the answer I need. Their customer service can’t be beat. I know that Sal Boutureira and the SABO team are personally invested in our success. We would recommend SABO Industrial to anyone.

Howard Johnson
President / Johnson Battery Company

The Right Choice

I’d like to take this time to thank you for all your efforts and time in getting us associated with the right wash water treatment system that fits our needs. Our decision to go with the SABO RT250 Cleartreat® clay system was the right choice for many reasons.

  • Ease of operation
  • Simplicity of system
  • Very few electronic parts to fail
  • Reliability
  • Cost of operation
  • Simple equipment to clean, leaving the work area clean and odor-free
  • And most important of all: produces the end result which is well below the DEP’s, and sewer authority requirement for discharge to the sewer
By not having to haul the wastewater away, this year we were able to pay for over half of the initial investment. Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me if they have any questions on the system.”

Jeff Marshall
President / Mystic Shipyard