Bag Filters By SABO

All SABO Industrial Bag Filters are made in house.  All are glazed to minimize fiber migration and are provided with a galvanized steel snap ring, along with handles, for ease of replacement. The thread used by SABO is silicone-free.

Standard Bag Filters

Bag Filters Black

SABO makes Standard Bag Filters in house in order to ensure superior quality for our customers. We are very passionate about our products and always go above and beyond to exceed the typical performance standards of the industry.

Specialty Bag Filters

SABO’s Specialty Bag Filters are exceptionally designed to eliminate leakage and allow for a secure fit to SABO’s Discharge adapter head.
Our 157, 247 and 307 series bags have been designed specifically to meet the requirements of our open-head discharge filtering.

The raw material used to manufacture our bag filters is certified to contain no animal derived components and are in compliance with European Directive ED2002/72 and United States FDA title 21CR177.1520 and all chemical components are on the positive list of the above regulations.