Cost Effective Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions By SABO

Steven Franzken
09 January 18
Water Treatment Company

Concerns about the environment and increasing government regulations require businesses to look for more cost- effective ways to deal with industrial wastewater treatment.

Industrial wastewater may be contaminated with suspended solids, heavy metals, organic compound and other potential pollutants. Various methods exist for removal of these contaminants, but they typically require a series of steps, a variety of chemicals and substantial man hours to achieve acceptable results. Many times, even after the process the sludge produced may be classified as hazardous and be subject to increased disposal costs. This is where Sabo Industrial and Cleartreat® wastewater treatment chemicals provide the alternative.

The Cleartreat® line of reactive separating agents are highly efficient wastewater treatment chemicals that are available in different formulations to break oil and water emulsion, provide heavy metals removal, promote flocculation, agglomeration and suspended solids removal. Cleartreat® products are predominantly clay-based reactive separating agents designed for industrial wastewater treatment in waste streams exhibiting a broad range of characteristics. They are very effective as a one step treatment for heavy metals removal and removing emulsified oils from discharges generated during various industrial manufacturing operations. Waste generators will realize improved treatment efficiency and will gain a waste sludge that will typically meet or exceed the TCLP (Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure) leach test. Our reactive separating agents encapsulate the materials, forming a non-hazardous waste, thus lowering disposal costs.

Along with the Cleartreat® wastewater treatment chemicals, Sabo Industrial offer space saving treatment equipment that together provide an affordable solution to your wastewater treatment issues. These systems are available as manual batch processors, semi-automatic, automatic and can be designed as a closed loop system for water reuse or provide you a legally dischargeable effluent suitable for the sewer system. The equipment is easy to use with little maintenance. Regular maintenance would consist of changing the sludge capturing liquid filter bags on the bag filter manifold when the machine notifies the operator and checking to ensure there is enough reactive separating agent in
the feed hopper. It’s that simple.