The Sabo Water Treatment Process

Every wastewater stream is unique so each wastewater treatment solution must also be unique.

We can help you reduce your impact on the environment and become EPA compliant. Looking for a solution that is economical, efficient and better for the environment? SABO has it.

Identify the Problem


The first step in our process is to obtain a sample of a potential customer’s wastewater and have it analyzed.  Analysis is done on-site at our facility in New York.  Once we determine the chemical make-up of the waste stream, we work on finding the most effective product to treat it.


Discover a Solution

The key to effective wastewater treatment is the separating agents.

Industrial wastewater can be contaminated with a variety of things including: suspended solids, heavy metals, organic compounds and a variety of other pollutants.  Within the industry various methods are used to remove contaminates.  Some methods require a multiple step process, others a variety of chemicals or a substantial amount of man hours to achieve even acceptable results.  Even then, the sludge produced can be classified as hazardous which can increase your disposal costs.


SABO Industrial has an alternative. A simple, one step solution with Cleartreat® separating agents.

With SABO Industrial and Cleartreat your wastewater solution is:

  • Simple, usually one step
  • Takes minutes to complete
  • Separates suspended solids, emulsified oil and heavy metals
  • Encapsulates the contaminants
  • Produces an easily de-waterable sludge
  • Sludge produced is non-leachable, will meet TCLP – and is non-hazardous
  • Offers repeatability
  • Affordable

Design a Treatment Plan

With the chemical make-up of the wastewater determined and the dosage of the proper separating agent identified, we work with our customers to provide them with the right equipment to meet their needs.

Our next step is to take a look at the specific parameters that apply to each customer individually.

We review the local water authority limits for discharge requirements to achieve legal discharge to the sewer system.
We examine the possibility of reusing the treated water.
We determine if there is existing equipment that can be used or modified for use.
We review the volume of wastewater to be treated, to determine if a batch unit or flow through system is required.
We review size restrictions so we can configure a system that fits within the available footprint.

All of these factors are analyzed so that we can customize a system to fit each customer’s unique needs.

SABO Industrial Systems are almost as unique as waste streams…
With all the facts in place we will do one of the following:

  • Utilize the existing equipment with SABO Industrial’s amazing separating agents
  • Modify the existing equipment
  • Recommend one of our pre-designed batch units
  • Select a pre-designed SABO flow through unit
  • Design a completely custom waste water treatment system that fits their needs


In this video you will see that SABO industrial was able to utilize the equipment that already existed as part of a company’s wastewater treatment system.



SABO_logo_largeWe encourage you to send us two (2) 1 gallon samples of your wastewater for analysis to see which Cleartreat® product would best suit your needs. CLICK HERE to download the Submittal form.