Real Solutions for Real Problems

We offer simple, affordable wastewater treatment systems that work.

Companies have been able to achieve real solutions to troubling and costly wastewater issues by enlisting the help of SABO Industrial.

Each solution is unique, each success story is unique but we are proud to say that we have been able to gain one or more of the following achievements for our customers:

  • Material Savings
  • Labor Savings
  • Treatment Cost Savings
  • EPA Compliance
  • Removal of Metals & Solids
  • Reduction in Dry Waste
  • Waste that Remains Encapsulated
  • Non-leachable Sludge
  • A Legally Discharged Effluent
  • Repeatability
  • No Modification of Equipment

This video highlights SABO Industrial’s ability to provide cost savings to their customers by treating the water stream at the source as opposed to hauling away the waste.

See for Yourself…

SABO_logo_largeWe encourage you to send us two (2) 1 gallon samples of your wastewater for analysis to see which Cleartreat® product would best suit your needs. CLICK HERE to download the Submittal form.