Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

EV1004 Treatment Equipment
BWC4848 Battery Wash Cabinet and EV1004 Treatment Equipment

Sabo Industrial is now offering customers a custom-designed industrial battery wash cabinet. This unit is designed to be used in conjunction with our EV1004 100 gallon batch treatment unit. By utilizing the Cleartreat® line of wastewater treatment chemicals, our clients are able to achieve a sludge that will pass a TCLP test and be deemed non-hazardous and a legally dischargeable effluent.

EconoFlow Flow Thru Unit with HMI Remote Access

Sabo has also added HMI (Human/Machine Interface) Remote Access Capability to our Flow Thru Systems. We have customers all over the country and technology has allowed us to offer remote service. This feature offers immediate problem resolution. Most issues can be resolved with minor adjustments. The customer
calls us, we login and we are able to see, via the webcam, floc formation and structure, color and clarity of the water and make adjustments as needed via the remote access. We can adjust the speed of each individual mix motor, control the dosage of reactive separating agent from the feed hopper, turn the transfer pump on and off. We can see any alerts that are indicated on the display and we can reset the machine.